Monday, November 16, 2009


I had three great forms of therapy this past weekend.

Baking: I baked Pioneer Woman's "Best" Chocolate Cake recipe. The cake is very moist and the chocolate is really pronounced. The frosting was too sweet. I would make this cake again with a semi-sweet ganache for frosting, maybe add some coffee to cut the sweetness, (I really should just cut out some of the sugar, but c'mon!). Plus: This cake is super easy to make!

Shopping: Hooray for Gap's Give and Get Program. I scored this dress from BR for $27:
How I'm going to wear it
Work: Long sleeve black tee underneath, gray cardigan, black tights, and flats or boots
Out: Black velvet blazer, black tights, gold jewelry, and heels

Anthro sale finds:

59.99-This sweater is very "grandma chic". It looks a bit frumpy but oh so comfy! It has pockets and a hood! I'll really have to play this one up with bright tees underneath, brooches, or long necklaces.

49.99-Mad for plaid! This dress is super cute and it stands on its own. Yes I'll wear it with tights too.

Sleep! I think we clocked in a good 8.5 hours on Saturday night!
Overall a great weekend!

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  1. going to hang out in the city was mucho fun! and that cake was yummy!