Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mad Men Fashion

Rob and I have been quite obsessed with the tv series Mad Men for the past couple of weeks. The drama, the hair, the vocabulary, the clothes!

One of the best dressed characters is Joan, a sultry redhead, she always wears solids and one statement jewelry piece. She works her curves like no one's business!

Here's my Joan inspired (yet modern) Christmas Party outfit (if I had unlimited funds).

Welcome to Polyvore!

*Thanks Anton for urging me to netflix the series. I will not be watching SYTYCD though, thanks (but no thanks).


  1. hate all you want on SYTYCD, but Wade Robson is evidenced by clip below:

    damn it! it won't let me embed, nor post a link! you're lucky, P! lucky!

  2. Anton, should you add his CD Wade Robson's Project: Dance Beats Vol. 1 to your Christmas list? Or do you already own it?