Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Birthday G-I-G-I

Oh man! Little Gigi is 6! I was asked to make a fish themed cake for our little birthday girl. I took the challenge but I was hesitant.

Last fall I took a cake decorating class and walked away with a bad taste in my mouth literally! It seemed that because butter in all its natural glory, melts super easily. I learned that a lot of decorated cakes require a lot of shortening or other unnatural ingredients to stabilize the frosting.
I did learn a lot from the class, but I think I'm

I was inspired from this recipe. I liked that the frosting used egg whites which will produce an airy frosting (a la meringue). And I knew that I was going to get a less than professional result from the recipe (I wanted less sailboat, more under the sea), but it was A LOT misinterpreted. It was literally lost in translation... but I assure you, it tasted great.

The 7 minute frosting was super easy to make, but it was not as easy to handle as described, and it slowly started to melt and fall apart as the afternoon went by.
I just may not have that je ne sais quoi, I totally need to practice... I'm currently researching frosting ideas, and will keep you updated!

Happy Birthday Gigi!

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