Monday, February 1, 2010

Citrus Ap'peel'

I love that it's citrus season right now. Right now my fridge is filled with several types of citrus. Lets start with the most striking, blood orange and move clockwise. Besides the beautiful color, it has a wonderful sweetness with a hint of raspberry. The Honey Tangerine is as sweet as its name suggests, I love that it's easy to peel!  The Cara Cara Navel used to be harder to find (I used to only see them at Whole Foods exclusively!), they have a great pink flesh and mild rosy flavor. Clementines (aka cuties) are easy to peel and super sweet. Last we have the exclusive Meyer Lemon, a hybrid between sweet orange and lemons. You really can't tell in my photo, but the lemon does have a slight orange tinge to it. These are the best baking lemons. I'm very lucky Rob's generous coworker has a tree!

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