Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year

I love love this time of year! I get this warm and fuzzy feeling when I see holiday decorations and Christmas lights. I also love that everyone tries a bit harder to connect with their friends and loved ones!

I hosted a DYI: Secret Santa Tea Party. The DYI part was that you had to make the gift!

Here is my giftee, she looks confused. Yes, that's what I wanted! That way she would be so discombobulated she wouldn't notice the crappy craftsmanship and crooked stitching!

What did you get Mai?

A cake stand made of a a plate and a vase? A apron made of grosgrain ribbon and a dishtowel? Say you love it. Now!

Oh look at my evil little face! I think I'm either so excited about my gift (a framed jewelry hanger) that I was thinking 'my precious' like Gollum from LOTR or I'm desperately trying to ignore that someone is drinking a soda at my tea party.

Stay warm!

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