Friday, October 9, 2009

New York, New York

It's a jungle out there! Me trying to be part of an exhibit at MOMA. I needed to post one picture that was not food related.

Let the food porn commence...

Pork buns from Momofuku Noodle Bar. Momofuku. Momofuku was started by David Chang who developed a certain style of asian cuisine that I do not want to call fusion, but it's certainly an interpretation of asian dishes from a few asian cuisines mixed into one. (Yea that sounds fusion, but that term makes me think of Wolfgang Puck). Will he be the our generation's Thomas Keller? We'll have to see!

I had to set up an account with a credit card to get reservations for the much acclaimed chicken dinner. Its seemed so intriguing in the most pretentious way, that I had to go!
Worth it!
The chicken dinner consists of two (2) whole chickens. One fried southern style and the other Korean style. They were both expertly fried; the Korean style just had better flavor.
Don't forget the veggies!
The chicken was accompanied by four sauces, veggies, and mu shu pancakes for wrapping.
Star Sighting! Mario Battali and some suits grabbing lunch. They were having the chicken dinner too! And yes, he was totally wearing orange crocs!
Katz Deli: A New York staple, the boys loved this place. We went here twice.
You have to be a meat lover at this joint.
Pastis: Very cute french bistro. It's located in the meatpacking district on a cobbled stone street. We did see a photo shoot in action across the street! It was featured in an episode of SATC.

Moules frites. Mussels and fries in a very rich butter sauce.
Croque madame. A very fancy ham and cheese sandwich, served open faced. The food was really good. It seemed very authentic (buttery), and the atmosphere is fabulous.
Cafe Habana: Get the corn! At $3.95 for two ears of corn, it was one of the cheapest snacks we ate in NY! The Cubano sandwich was yummy too! Very small 50's style cafe, great after a shopping trip in Soho! Peter Luger: I'm sure you've all heard the tales of meat related to this place. This is a very old school meat and potatoes steak joint. There is no red wine reduction, buerre blanc sauce, not even butter on the side of the steak!
Porterhouse aged and grilled to perfection. We devoured it!
Fat slices of bacon. oink :@)
Halal Cart : 53rd and 6th. There are many halal carts scattered throughout the city. This one takes the cake. Everyone raves about the sauce. I found it a bit mayo-y. The saffron rice is to die for!
The Little Owl: I was totally looking forward to this place, especially after trying to replicate their meatball sliders. It's such a cute little restaurant tucked in the middle of Greenwich Village! Alas i was a bit disappointed... Their ingredients were of great quality, but it all lacked flavor.
Bleecker Street Pizza: After our lunch at Little Owl, we needed to grab a few slices to fill the void.
A slice of their Nonna Maria (marinara, mozzarella, olive oil, basil, and garlic. Their crust is really crispy. I felt it was too crispy, there was no chew factor.

Other Honorable Mentions

Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery: LES. Cupcakes for 1.50 each! They're not super fancy looking but they are good cupcakes that taste homemade.

Brick Oven Pizza 33: Chelsea. I enjoyed their Nonna Maria (does everyone in Italy have a Grandma named Maria?), better than Bleecker Street's. Their crust is crispy but with chew! I guess it's their brick ovens. See pic below. Con: Not the cheapest slice of pizza $4.

Rink Bar at Rockefeller Center: When the weather is good, its a good place to people watch and have drinks outside. May be a bit touristy but they have peach sangria! Con: They close at 11pm

Donut Plant: These donuts are tasty. Not overly sweet, with great flavors like creme brulee (custard filled), Valrhona chocolate, and carrot cake. Con: We spent $27 for 8 donuts

Anthropologie at Rockefeller Center: The Biggest Anthro I've been to (to date). I can spend hours here!

All in all it was a great trip! Lots of walking and eating! If I had a chance to go again, I'd be there in a New York Minute!